Live your honest life

Is that relationship good for you? Is that job makes you happy? Is that city gives you the best opportunities? Is that your true dream?

And most importantly – Are you honest with yourself?

It is the basic, we have to be honest with ourselves. You are the first person who makes decisions about your life, career, relationship and everything. You must know the truth behind your acts, decisions and every move. You need to know what do you want with your life.

Living in a lie is wasting your time. Staying in a wrong relationship which okayish but not the ONE is a waste of time! You know it really well.

Don’t fool yourself with false thoughts and excuses. You always feel what is the right path. In every single situation. Your body and mind just work differently and send you different divinations.


I have been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years. I had quite a few relationships before, but only short ones. Somehow I always felt, none of them is the right one, which could make me happy. I couldn’t stay in those. Even after a lot of disappointment, I kept trying. And here I am! Happy with my boyfriend! If your relationship is not satisfied you, leave. I know it is not easy, it could be a child who thinks of in this situation or money problem or just lack of support, but you are brave and strong enough to figure it out what to do!

Also, I believe that we always have enough friends in our lives. I prefer quality rather than quantity. I do not need a lot of friends. I need a few who I can rely on any time. I learned how not to push someone’s attention and time when they always have something important to do then talks to you. Accept the fact that they moved on their life.

And here is the best example I can tell you, I guess. A few weeks ago, I prepared my stuff for the next day at work and a warm and calm feeling went through my body and I felt so blessed that I have a job! It is something obvious for most of us, but it shouldn’t be. I know what is like being without a job and even I haven’t reached my dream yet, I am grateful for what I have.

Always remember, when you stay in an okayish situation, you lose a chance to get something better.


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