Why do you need enough self-esteem

You are good. You are worth. You are inimitable. You are smart. You are enough. You are brave. You are beautiful.

The list is endless.

Forget the past. Forget your failures. Forget your doubts. Forget your fears.

Self-esteem is always an issue. Not everyone born with it. Does anyone actually born with it? Or it is more about raising a child in an encouraging environment?

Everybody has their own past, for sure. You have to find your motivation and your voice which courage you to step up for yourself and do whatever you wish to do.

Do you want to change your career?

Do you want to play in a band?

Do you want blue hair?

I think the biggest problem is we care about too much what others are thinking about us. I believe once you have enough regret to miss something because of your fears you won`t care about that much what others expect from you.

Try everything that gives you self-esteem. It could be a new dress, which perfectly fits on you or a new hairstyle. If you are okay with yourself, everyone can see on you. Your aura will be changed.

I always wanted to write a blog but I never was brave enough. Time came when I see it as one of the options which can move my career forward and I have just started it. English is not my first language but here I am! I put my doubt aside and started somewhere to grow.

Believe in yourself. As Walt Disney said: If you can dream it, you can do it.

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