Importance of resting

  • Have fun to go out, walking, climbing a tree
  • Read a book that you have never had time
  • Watch your favourite movie or series
  • Do a long phone call with your friends
  • Bake a cake
  • Trying new recipes
  • Check a new exhibition


Just a few ideas on what to do on your day off.


What is a day off? – You are asking…

You don`t really have it? Me neither! Let`s change this habit!

be lazy

Force yourself to have a day or a half day at least to take some time off from your daily routine, your work, your studies, your family. It will boost your energy and reduce your stress. Don’t feel guilty to re-arrange your plans or schedule. It is OKAY to finish your project a few days later than you expected.

Unexpected situations happen. You can be sick and go to bed early or just watching a movie after a long and exhausting day.

It is easy to lose motivation when you are focused on something every single day and don’t give a break to your brain.

You will be back on the horse again when you can concentrate on your project 100%. As long as you have your progress, you do not have to worried about it and push yourself over your limit.

You might think it is easy to say! But actually, I am giving you this advice, because I am the same! I hate missing a day and not working on my project. But I start to realize I am only human who needs to rest as everyone else.

We need to remind ourselves, it is OKAY to be lazy or less productive from time to time.


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