People in our lives

When you do not know why someone comes into your life, think about it and try to give it a reason. It always has. Don’t mind any person in your life from the past either.

  • Different people have a different point of views.
  • Everybody teaches you something.
  • You will be more emphatic and tolerate different personalities.
  • You learn a lot about yourself, your strength and weaknesses.
  • You realize what kind of people you want in your life in the future.
  • You have someone to give you advice in hard times.
  • It is a good feeling we have friends and family around us.
  • You always have someone to share a glass of wine 😉

We always have the right person in our life. You might not know the reason now, but you will one day.


Do you have something to add to the list? Comment, please!

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