Difference is good

You do not know where the other person is coming, what is their past. Try to understand and accept everyone.

One of my friends told me years ago and I still remember it. It is always in my mind when I meet new people and their personalities are different than mine. Well… okay… to be honest, I try to remember, but it is not as easy as it seems!

How right was she! I cannot know others battles and difficulties in their life, in their past. I don’t know their relations with their family, their problems, why they are acting in a certain way.


Do you know? Can you tell?

A few months ago my partner`s family visited us. We had a lot of programs, we tried hard enough to entertain them even we were working, but one of them was not pleased with hardly anything. Truly speaking, it hurt my feelings but then I was thinking… Did she expect something else? What was it? I don`t know…

But for sure, next time I wouldn`t plan everything and going around the city to show them places where they have never been before. Next time, if they want to stay at home all day, we are staying at home. They might want just a company. Just because something is obvious for me/you (sightseeing when visited a different city), doesn`t mean that obvious for others. Or that is their desires. They might have different preferences such as chill and relax during their holiday.


different personalities

I like to meet different peoples and nationalities. There is always something to learn from them or seeing a tiny bit different everything.

I had a colleague who had an arranged marriage. For me, as a European woman, it is something impossible, but her it was acceptable. We were talking a lot and I kind of see her reason and thinking.

Differences can teach you a lot. You become an acceptor and be more empathic towards things which are not familiar for you.


Never judge the book by its cover!

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