What help you to make a decision?

I have been thinking about difficulties in my life. I have seen them as a problem but lately, I can see them as an opportunity. All of those drawbacks that I have experienced actually were/are leading me to get better chances. I can read those signs as a way to success not as a failure anymore.

I have a list that can help you (they helped me!) to make a decision when you are standing on the edge. 


Rejections: interviews

– Brainstorming, talking to friends (examples of their lives, successes, struggles). Their examples gave me the power to try fearful situations.

– Fed up: waiting for a better chance. YOU need to do something. I started looking for people who can help me gain my marketing experience and started to write a blog and using as a learning curve. You can mix your tools.

– Networking: Try to contact as many people as you can. They might or might not be able to help you, but without asking you never can be sure. Do you know someone who knows someone? Ask an opportunity! I got contact with 2 people who related to marketing.

– Step out of your comfort zone: I got fed up to be not brave enough and stay in the shadows. I never really liked when people were reading my writing and here I am! Blogging!

– Blogging: take it as a journey helped me a lot.

There is always an answer, we just have to find it.

I encourage you to look around and if you think hard enough, you can find a solution of your current situation – whatever it is. When you do, please share it with us! 🙂

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