Ask and you will get it

I believe that we always need something promising in our life which gets us out of the bed. You must find something and work on it!

I was writing about decisions last week and why knowing exactly what you want is important. Also, I promised a success story of how I got a step closer to my dreams after a long time. Finally!


The good thing is I am not a quitter. Bless! And I am always able to stand up after even a big fall. I am always coming after opportunities and I cannot accept non-ideal situations – we can talk about relationship, job, friends etc. anything.

If you were with me during the last few weeks, you know about my struggles to find a marketing job. I started to look for other solutions after having many interview rejections saying I am a strong candidate, but choosing someone else with a tiny bit more experience.

After all, I took a deep breath and asked help. I put myself on the free market, which means, I am willing to work for free (I always was, but internships didn’t work out for me). Only thing I need as a “return” a chance to learn and gain my skills. From my previous job, I knew two people, who were a good start…

you never know

I approached both of them and made it clear that I stuck in admin and office job, but I would like to get my feet on the marketing field and I need more experience. They were willing to help me (or help each other) and suddenly I found myself in a really promising situation. This was the first step which gave me something real.

With one of them, I have started to work immediately. We agreed to have meetings ideally every week but then those meetings were less and less. I might have to give up on it. Working a couple of hours every second month doesn’t really bring many benefits.

The other one is a freelancer marketer who is really enthusiastic from the beginning. We have settled meetings which never cancelled and an agreement to work with him around 10 hours a week. It will be an official offer with signed paperwork.

I am really motivated and have a great feeling about these – mainly the second one. I know that these internships will bring me so many benefits and opportunities in the future. It is way too much than I have expected before I contacted them!

got it

I asked and I got.

I am a really proud person who doesn’t really like to ask favour, but in this case, I didn’t see any other option and look at what I got!

I have been talking about mainly job and career lately, because this is my biggest concern in my current situation, but could be anything in our life. We shouldn’t be obsessed with only one way that we have known. We must consider everything that could give us what we need. Just because we are unfamiliar with something, doesn’t mean that wouldn’t work very well.

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