Getting more before you actually have it

I have read a few books about asking and getting it. You have to know exactly what you want, you must be specific in small details and then you must ask it. And of course, you have to feel it as it is yours already.

My favourite quotes from Nora Roberts: If you don’t ask, the answer always no.

Four main things to practice law of attraction:

–  Gratitude: feel gratitude and happiness about the object or situation that you want to achieve. Feel it as it is already yours.

– Imagine it: imagine the situations like your dream job workplace, your dream house, your healthy and happy family, your holiday in a beautiful place. You can visualize anything that you have been dreaming of.

– Forget the past: change your thinking and a picture of yourself in your mind. Were you a fat little kid? Did everybody tell you how cute fattish child you are? Forget it! You can change your self-picture of yourself and create a new one. Think about yourself as slim and decorative!

– Create new values: Values from culture are not always right or followed forever. If it doesn`t work for you, change it.

You can practice these waiting for the bus or in the queue in a cafe shop – only need your imaginary and feelings.

getting more

If you want, you can also use the (as I call it) box-method to get things into your life.

More way to use – more chance to get it. 🙂

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