Know what you want

It is essential to know your dreams, desires and goals. Without it, you cannot take steps to reach it.

You want to do sport… Which one? Do you want to be professional soccer or playing in your free time only?

You want to play on an instrument… Guitar? Drum? You definitely need to know.

You have to decide small details, without it how you know where and how to start. What do you need to learn? Who do you need to contact? How much money do you need to spend on?

see the bigger picture

For a few years now, I know I want to do marketing as my main job. But I have never specified how (part-time, full time, freelancer?) and which part (online, offline etc.?). I was looking for opportunities, jobs, internships and even courses but I didn`t find anything sacrificing. I didn`t feel good about them. I applied for every marketing related job even they weren’t good just because I wanted to put my foot on the field. But nothing has come so far….

Then I was thinking… How I want (and can! because I have to keep my main job) to gain my knowledge and what I need to find to work out with my other commitments.

I know I am not alone with this problem. I subscribed for a monthly writing magazine in what I read stories about writers who took 10-20 years! to work as a full-time author. All of them started to having a normal 9-5 job and working on their novels in their free times – meaning late nights and weekends. But it was worth it! After long years they achieve their goals! How amazing is it!

I can do it, can`t I? And so do you!

So I have decided – I want to work from home in the future as a marketer. It will give me more freedom and I can work from almost anywhere. I do not have to stay in a particular space to use my laptop and the internet. Also, it will be something to do once I have a child….

After long months thinking, I specified that I want to be a freelancer and this helped me to find opportunities which will take me closer to my dreams. I will share this story next week! 😉


Knowing your goals in details is important to plan ahead. Once you know what you really want, you can start working on it and looking for more specific opportunities which help you the most.

Take your time and figure it out properly. These are the fundamental steps and must be deliberate.


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