Don’t give up yourself

How many rejections have you had already? How many times have you had to pick up your pieces from the floor and start everything again?

Your situation could be anything. You could chase a relationship, a well-paid job, raising a child, go to university – anything. What is your biggest issue at this moment?

Answering my own question (and if you are reading my blog regularly, probably you know), I am looking for a well-paid job and/or marketing position which is my dream job.

I had so many interviews before I got an admin job and I have had so many lately during chasing my career and trying to step into marketing field.


I am unsure about everything for 5-6 months now. During my unemployment situation, I was anxious to get a job. After to get one, I am worried about to not getting a marketing role. Sounds like nothing is good enough? Yeah… sometimes I am tired to fight for it, but how could I give up? It wouldn’t be me and it wouldn’t be you! We both know it!

The good thing about having interviews and rejections (apart from being more confident and getting experience) is to think about new ways of getting where you want to be. Have you ever seen this way? Have you ever considered having a reason not to have what you want?

These long months drove me to find other options to have a chance for my dream job.

First, I was thinking and looking for an internship to work for free just to gain experience. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. Why people don’t want me as a free employee? Companies are expecting so much talent and knowledge from students who want to work for them. In their free time… for free… Nobody contacted me…

I was still thinking… It couldn’t be the end. Could be? Eh…. I don’t give it that easy.

And other thought came in my mind… I know a few people who might be a good contact…


Look around and find a solution. It will be. It has to be! It could take time to find it, but hey, you have time. No rush… good ideas come, just have to work on it.

Remember what Thomas Edison said: I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work.

You must be working on it until you find the only one, which you need to.

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