Getting fit

I recommended an app a few weeks ago, with which you are able to track your food, exercise and also, gives you recipes and successfully losing weight stories.

Now, I have another app to suggest. This one is free with the same options! I love both of them, but why not we use a free version if it is as good enough as the previous one. 😉

Let me introduce you Yazio then.

After creating an account, you can do the usual settings and set up your profile.

Your gender, activity level, height, weight and which database you want to use (your language). You can choose your goal (build muscle, lose weight, maintain weight), add your current and ideal weight.

This information is important to get your daily nutrition intake and calorie limit.

Once you decide everything important you can start tracking your daily food (separately for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and water intake. You can check your summary nutritional intake daily and weekly. Usually, I do not bother myself with these data, but they might important for you and Yazio gives it to you.



Another great thing with Yazio that you can track your daily exercise.  After a day out, your calorie intake will be higher of course and you can eat a bit more (but no junk food please!).


If you are fancy to follow challenges you can. The app offers you to complete challenges such as no chocolate, no sugar, no pizza, no coffee or no sweet. Unfortunately, for these, you have to become a pro member and pay a fee. It could be a great idea when you have to motivate yourself to say no for one of your addiction for a week or so.

My favorite part is the recipe suggestions! When I am out of lunch or dinner ideas but I still want something healthy and non-fat, I could check the database. I could search from given energy value, food type, low carb, quickly prepared, high protein etc.

I really love this app, because easy to use and free! I can track and follow every date which is important for me to keep an eye on. Especially, when I want to lose a few kilos. Tracking my food intake definitely motivate me and stop to eat junk food and a lot of chocolate.

I am not obsessed with calories, but seeing numbers give me more power not to eat them every day. 🙂

Using the program a few weeks now, I can happily tell you, that I have lost weight already. 🙂

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