How to get more experience

Experience is essential to get a job. Mostly. I had many interviews where the outcome was that I am a strong candidate but I have a tiny bit less experience than the person who got the position.

After a lot of interviews, I have a list of how you can get more experience on your field (if you do not have enough). You can be a strong and confident candidate.

  1. Internship: try to find someone who experts in your field and you can learn from. If you know someone – directly or indirectly – get in touch with them and offer your free help for a charge of learning.
  2. Try new things: you might not sure which job you would like. Ask charities to work for them a few days. You can easily test yourself in fields such as customer service, sales, kitchen staff member etc.
  3. Check courses: is one of my favorites. It has a varied subject in different fields. After the free first month, you have to pay a fee, but you can check the list of the courses before you do. Also, searching on Google also a great idea to find a different point of views and tips on what to do.
  4. Go for as many interviews as you can: during my job-hunting, I got a lot of experience from interviews. I encourage you to go and have as many as you can because they reduce stress and nervousness after a while and you can gain your experience. You have to answer many different questions and you will get used to it.

While you are chasing your dream it is okay to try as many options as you can. Get experience and be confident of what you do.


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