Job hunting vs. experience hunting

Hunting a job is good for only 1 thing. You gain your experience of answering and asking questions. You can learn a lot about yourself and you don’t let anyone make a fool of you. Okay, I admit it`s sound weird, but I will explain it later…

Have you had an experience of a strange job description or telephone interview? Unusual face to face interview? You are definitely not alone.

Today I tell you a few bizarre interviews that I had during my job hunting. Few of them were time wasted, few of them was a lesson.

Are you ready to be shocked or laughed? 😉

  1. My very first interview was at the private GP surgery. One of my friend`s workplace was looking for a secretary. The interview went well, but I did not get a job. As my friend told me, my personality was too strong for them and they hired someone without experience, who probably will do everything without questioning.

Why having a strong and confident personality is a problem?


  1. Interview for a marketing position. Yuppieee! Then I checked some feedbacks and half of it mentioned that the job is commission based only. Because I was not 100% sure about it, I gave it a go. The interviewer was high on something. She was speaking very fast at 10 minutes what is the progress opportunity but nothing about the job. I didn`t have a chance to ask questions. At the end of the interview, she told me that she liked my attitude and someone will call me later that day to arrange a trial day. I never heard about her anymore.

Do you really want to work for someone who needs extra help to survive the day? How professional is it? How could she say anything about my attitude when I didn`t have a chance to say a word. You are just a number for these kinds of companies. No thank you…


  1. The appointment was arranged for an interview. I was there but the interviewer wasn’t. What?? His college gave me a few papers to fill it in and sent me home with a promise that the guy will call me for a telephone interview later that day. I was already not happy. I travelled 1.5 hours to get there plus I did my homework, you know preparation, searching about the company and everything that you usually do before the big day and all of these for nothing. Nobody called me. I have received the same email days later about the interview appointment as before. I haven`t answered.

My point was:

  • I respect you to do my homework, please respect me to be there or re-arrange an appointment enough time before.
  • Call me at least as it was promised.
  • If you send me the same email as before, probably you do not have an idea which candidate which one. And your organization is a mess.
  • Although I really needed a job, I didn`t let them play with me.

respect yourself

I had normal interviews as well, from I learned what are my strengths and weaknesses. I went for all of them when I had an opportunity. Each of them gave me something which I could use for the next time and made me better.

I encourage you to get as many experiences as you can. They build your confidence, your presence and your chance to get a job that you like.

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