Stand up for your dreams

New year – new promises.

The tricky part of the new year is the thought that everything will be great. Then we go back to the same job, the same relationship, the same financial problem….

The important thing is to remember that the new year will be amazing, but needs more time to achieve that stage! Nothing will turn upside down during the night. You have your plans now and you have to work on it.

After my marketing assistant position, I was looking for a job for 2,5 months when I got a – only – part-time one. It was better than nothing but still far from the perfect one. Why? Because it is not marketing job of course. 🙂 It is a receptionist/administration role at a GP surgery. Also, I need a full-time job for a living.

However, during long years, I have learned that everything has a reason. Here is my forever example which helps me get over hard periods in my life when I don’t reach what I want. After secondary school, I didn’t get a place in the chosen university. I had excellent grades, but no extra points and it turned out was not enough. We didn’t have money to pay for the education fee (which would have been an option) so I went to another school to learn Office Management. I chose this course because fast typing was included and I was already a fan of it. I typed whole books for fun! Yeah, probably you think I had a sad childhood, but trust me it was my weirdness 😀 and thank you very much, in my younger years I had a lot of fun and friends. 😀

Follow your dream

So let’s back to my point, which is, without this course (and fast typing!) I wouldn’t get a job while I still was a university student years later. This job gave me a chance to support my family with money and finish university at the same time.

Receiving a denial from the uni left me devastated, but I understood the universe’s plan after 6-ish years.

I hope you see what I am trying to say (actually writing) here. Doesn’t matter how badly you want something, if it is not yours yet. You are not ready for it, or you have to learn something else before to be brilliant once you have it.

You stand up after each slap in your face from life and do your things. Do not give up, never give up.

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