Dreams in box

I heard about this creative and motivated idea a long time ago. I don’t even remember from who or from were. I was told by a friend or I was reading in a newspaper… I have no clue at all.

Although I do not have a box at the moment, I have decided to start again.

What am I talking about? Let me explain…


The point of this great idea is to have a box – any size and shape or color, up to you – and put everything in it what you want in your life. It could be a cut off from a magazine about a shoe or a car. It could be a picture of a beach house or your dream kitchen. You can write a description of the perfect relationship or job. Anything!

I had this box once, but I lost it during moving to a new house years ago. But one of my friends did it as well and she passed her English language exam and her driving license lately – as she put her desires in her own box! It is promising, isn’t it?

The good vibe of these things makes you happy and because of increasing the vibration level, you will get them sooner or later. Not today or tomorrow but one day. I kind of believe in the Secret “rule” and it says the same. You have to know what do you want, you have to be specific, you have to ask it and the universe will give it to you. I just realize now how easy to forget it all the time – for me as well.

Let’s remind ourselves with our unique dream box!

Dream Box

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