How to re-arrange your life

From time to time I like to re-organize my stuff at home and throw away those I don’t need anymore.

New Year gives a great opportunity to do it and start fresh.

Check each room

Go through every place in your house (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, basement, loft) and spend enough time to check all of your boxes and wardrobes that you have in it. If you find something which is broken or unused for years, or you just don’t like it anymore – throw away.

Actually, I encourage you to give it to the charity if the condition is still good, but useless for you. It could be great for others.



Clothes that you don’t need

Put a tag on each clothes that you have. If you pass a season without wearing any of them and you still have a tag on it after a year – throw it away from your home! You don’t use it, you don’t need it. The whole year has many occasions to wear clothes, if you miss even only one, you won’t use it in the following year either.


I usually use these two ways to keep my house tidy and leave it without any rubbish or unnecessary things.

Share your own method with us!


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