Goals for 1 year

New year – new resolution. Most of us make big promises then we hardly keep them after a few weeks. Goals are set up, but never accomplished? Is it a familiar story for you as well?

I will lose 5 kilos, I will stop smoking, I will eat more veggie, I will…. What is your yearly promise?

Motivate yourself

Find only 1 goal for each month that you want to achieve. It can be a place to go, a movie to see, eating more broccoli – anything that is in your mind. At the end of the year, you will have 12 things tick off from your “bucket list”. If you are brave enough, you can set up 1 goal for each week, it is totally up to you. But making a list will help you to do real actions.

To be honest with you guys, I am more motivated when I have to do list. I bet you have realized it already… haha…



Keep a jar for your popsicle stick goals. Write each of them on one stick. With this funny method, you can choose one popsicle stick each time without knowing what is it exactly. Your weekend programme would be unpredictable. How cool is it? 😀


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