How to save money

From now and then all of us need to be careful how to spend money. If not, you are the lucky one! J And please send us tips on how you do it! 😀

I want to share with you me and my friends` tricks. I hope a few of them can serve you well.

1. Money saving challenges, see my previous post about it.


2. 12-month money challenge

I found this idea a while ago when I was surfing on the internet. Sometimes you are looking for something and find something different and even better. 😉

Each month, figure out one budget category to cut out.


3. No spend weekend money challenge
Find free programmes. I am sure there are plenty out there.

Is there nice weather? Go for a walk in a park.

Is it a free museum? Give it a go!

Is there an old movie that you always wanted to watch? Stay under the blanket, have popcorn and enjoy your afternoon.

Be creative! 😉


4. Track your money challenge

You don`t really need to push your savings if it is not your cup of tea. Tracking your money is also a good method to see where your money goes.

My favorite app to do is Money Manager App.

Easy to add categories and tracking every saving, income and outcome. You can name categories such as food, travel, rent, bill, entertainment.


Have you found an idea to follow?


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