Spending money

Spending money on things that give you and your family and friends great memories are always worth it. Buying stuff for you is always satisfied. We have only one life, we should enjoy it and we should get as much experience as we can get. I am not saying that you cannot have a great time for free, but don`t feel guilty when you spend money for yourself. 😉

Usually, I am not worried too much about money as long as I have enough for my monthly expenses. However, I tried to reduce my expenses when I did not have a job, so I felt less guilty of sitting at home all the time. 😀


Before my 3 months’ notice period (catch up with a story About me), I tried to save enough money to survive the following months without a job, if necessary. And unfortunately, I had around 2 months living from my savings.

Even now, I have a part-timeish job. I know, I know, let me explain this… I started as a part-timer, then they increased my hours which still not enough, but at least I always have an opportunity for overtime. Oh, guys, I really do not have luck with jobs in 2018!

Do you feel my pain? Do you have a part-time job only? Do you struggle with your loan to pay back each month a little bit? Do you have family miles away and to see them you need to buy an expensive plane ticket?

If so, you know what I am talking about… All of us has own bits and pieces that cost more than for others. We all need a little bit extra.


Last week I had written about gratitude and how the feeling let you have more and more from what you already have. Speaking of money it is still true. I felt blessed that I had enough and even a little bit extra to spend on things and I was not struggling to pay my bills. It kept my mind under control, otherwise, probably I would have gone mad. I still went mad but it was not as bad as would have been.

My point of view is, be happy you have enough money for a decent life at the moment. If you don’t have enough money for an extra holiday or the second party of the months, or the beautiful jumper you are still lucky because you have at least monthly income (I hope this is the case!). It will be a time when you don’t have to worry about these kinds of things. I feel it…

You will have more, believe in it and work on it. Today has a temporary situation, tomorrow has a lot of change. Forget your disappointment in today and feel gratitude for tomorrow.

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