Be grateful for every day

In our rushing days, it easy to forget what matters really and focus on only the negative things. Especially, when you experience a hard and difficult period of your life.

I forget so many times that I have a lot of amazing people and moments in my life. I have family, friends, and house where to live, job, clothes, food, light, water, electricity. These are not as obvious as it seems. Think about it. How many people suffer around the world because they don’t have what you own. Someone doesn’t have enough food or shelter. Everything has a different point of view.

I know how tough not having a job. But I could manage my living from savings… You can do it too.

I know how tough having only a part-time job. And again…. until you can manage it, it is okay.

I know how difficult to live in a foreign country.

And the list is endless. Like for everyone else. I am not the only one. You are not the only one.

We have to accept our current position and working on something more and better. You might don’t have too much… (choose what is suits you), but you have enough at this moment. Be grateful for this. Appreciate that you are not starving, you can pay your bills and you have good health. Someone is less lucky than you and you are less lucky than others.


When you don’t have something or not the best option that you wish, it is always an opportunity to work on it. Be thankful for opportunities. It might give you a chance to prove yourself, a chance of being a better and stronger person. A chance for something new which will serve your good.

If you are happy with what you have, you feel peace and don’t want to push things which don’t have the right time yet in your life. You might want a job, but you are still not ready to get it. Even if you want it so badly, life gives you another opportunity to grown up for it and be amazing to do it. You might want your dream house but your financial situation is not ready yet and you still have to learn something on your journey. When you accept your situation your vibration will be higher and good thing will find you.

Christmas might be a good chance to think about your life and for what you can be grateful. Make a list and remind yourself every day for it.


Don’t forget, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.


What is your example?

Why you are not there where you want to be? What you have to still learn?

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