Weight Watchers – keep your progress on track

The following app was recommended by a really good friend who has lost a few kilos to using it. After 3 months of free trial, I am really a fan of it.

Weight Watchers has a diary, workout plans, recipes, statistic of your progress, videos, tips, and much other useful stuff. The basic and main things are free to use, but you can upgrade your account anytime and have an access to success stories and meal plan too.

The idea base on points that are given after each food you eat. Points depend on food. Obviously, a pack of chips takes higher points of your day than a roasted chicken. You get your points after setting your goal. Weight Watchers has a rollover which is its greatest idea. Your daily leftover will roll over to the next day. It gives you an opportunity for a day out when you eat a little bit more than you should (or just an extra cake after Sunday lunch).

After a quick registration, you will find this main screen where you can track your daily food and activity.

The main score is given automatically after a basic setting which you can do under the Account. You can choose your goal, give your ideal and current weight as well, your purpose of the tracking (losing weight, keep your weight etc.) and which day you will measure yourself.

You can check your progress during weeks. It is very useful if you are about to lose your interesting.

Great option to search easily between foods – their points are given on the side. Up to you how high the point you chose – and of course up to your points!

You can get many recipes. Their instructions are easy to follow. You can search between Zero point food list which means, you can eat them without using daily points.


Upgraded options


I love this application because it is available on my phone and I can track my food anytime and anywhere without miss a thing. After a few weeks, I find myself more relaxed about my eating. I also feel satisfied when I stay under my limit. Also, it gives me more stamina to say no for cookies. J I haven’t upgraded my account yet, because all free options are such great. But if you need a little bit extra during weeks, you can easily do it and read about others’ successes and struggles.

More information: Weight Watchers

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