Everything happens by reason

I have been thinking about all of the changes in my life lately. One minute everything is fantastic and then – bummmmm – everything collapses! Isn`t it interesting – and annoying at the same time?!

Have you ever realized how easily can go everything wrong? Or right? You are just drinking your delicious latte in your favourite coffee and you receive a rejection letter from the job that you applied for. Or you just are sitting on the bus towards to work and your friend calls with terrible news.

Life, my friend! Life! I am not saying that it is easy to accept, but what you can do? It is what it is.

We always have ups and down. I am pretty sure without it, life would be boring! Eh… of course… easy to say. I am not as positive as this every time – trust me. We all have bad periods when life wins a battle over us.

I have a friend who had the same workplace 25 years in a row. After those long years, she couldn`t do it anymore and gave her resignation. Unfortunately, she didn`t find anything during her 2 months notice period and found herself in as the same position as me. She had been working since she was 18 years old and always had a second and third job as well. She never stopped and takes a break! Can you imagine it?


We have to believe that everything happens by reason. You don`t see it now, but you will in month or years, and you will remember this period of your life.

I believe that we have to use our time wisely – until we have a lot. Nothing wrong to lying on the bed and watching a television when you are exhausted or you have a favourite TV series on the air. Nothing wrong to have a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine or even two… khm…) with your friend and catch up with stories. Nothing wrong – I believe to being lazy from time to time and give break for yourself to clear up your mind.

We all need self-time to get our toughness back.


What important is when you have an extra time, use it! Don`t you have a job? Use it to carry on with your dream career or spend more time with your family. Whatever makes you happy and keep away your dark thoughts and anxiety. I know how easy to overthinking something and imagine the worst scenario ever and how these thoughts can suck your energy!

Sooner than later you will find yourself without time and you will regret it to waste it earlier.

You might feel devastated without a job, but try to find a reason why did you end up there. My friend did her English exam to get her diploma which leads her to get a fantastic job.

What do they say? If life gives you a lemon, made lemonade.

Made your own lemonade.

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