Finding a job….

…. is not easy at all. If you are at the job hunting period, this post will give you sites where you can search for jobs and where you can find many useful and actual information (CV writing, cover letter etc.).

I use these websites for searching. They are reliable and easy to use (they even have an app!). You are able to find feedback about the company who post an ad.

Job hunting websites

  1. Reed and Indeed: One of my favourites. Easy to set up your criteria like salary, job type or posted date.
  2. Glassdoor: It is as the same as the previous one, but this site has company reviews and interview feedbacks from other job hunters. A few times I chose not to send my application because of the common negatives opinions.

Other sites worth to try:

  1. CV library
  2. Totaljobs

job hunting

Career advice

On Reed Career Advice and CV Library Career Advice websites, you can find plenty of good advice and tips about how to write a competitive CV or a cover letter, why internship and/or apprenticeship is good for your career. You can search among interview techniques and employment law as well.

I found this part of the websites only a few days ago, but I have already found beneficial information on them. Worth to check it even you don’t looking for a job at the moment, but just to know what is the trend and changes.


I hope you heard about something new and useful in this post.

Finger cross for all! 😉

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