No rush

After a couple of weeks without a job, I started to be annoyed and frustrated. I wanted to make the process faster, but it was something I didn’t have the power to do it. I was sitting at home and waiting. Waiting for an email, an interview appointment, good news or something which gives me hope. But nothing came so far…

August was quite relaxed because I knew the month is dead. The big bosses and HR people are on holiday, so I didn’t expect anything. I was confident enough. Then September came… and still nothing!

At this point I was scared. I was thinking why did this happen? Why nobody gave me a call? I had a good CV, impressive skills and I great certifications. I was shocked.

From around the second week of September, everything was getting faster and faster. Interviews finally – 2, 3 weekly! I felt hope… I had to wait until the end of September to get an offer….


Were you in the same shoes ever? Are you in a similar situation?

This period taught me to be patient. You cannot rush things which are not up to you. I know you want everything right now, but for some reason, you have to wait. You don’t know yet the answer, but you have to accept it. It is not your time yet. You can do your best and grab all the opportunity which finds you, but the final decision is not yours.

Although, I was worried and scared I was working on my plan. It gave me stability and fate for something good will happen soon. Success is always at the corner, you just have to be patient enough. I believe in!

No rush

The New Year is coming soon and I encourage you to take a deep breath and think about what you want to do with your life. If you know already, work on it hard! But if you have doubt, no worries, you always have enough time. One step will bring the other and at some point, you will see the bigger picture.


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