Bucket list – Motivate yourself

Do you have a lot of plans to do or to go but somehow barely anything happens?

How many times haven’t you had an idea what to do on your day off?

After long and exhausting days it is easy to forget what new things and places you want to try or visit.

For this reason, I have started to write a BUCKET LIST.

Yeah… I know it is a cliché and trust me, I never was a fan of it. I always thought that if I do want to do something, I just go and do it. But after a few tries, I find it really helpful when I have to choose how to spend my free time (and I mean when I don’t have to cook or clean the house – eh, I am sure you know what I am talking about).

I like to visit places around London and I wanted to keep on track what I want to check.

I bought a Chalkboard sticker and made a list of the places. Actually, I bought it for a friend of mine and I liked it a lot on her wardrobe so I bought one for myself as well. 😀


Also, I keep on eye my travelling.

With this scratch map, I can have an idea where to go next. You can’t believe how satisfying to scratch it off the country where you came back. You should try…

If you are interested in different countries, I recommend this book which was a Christmas present from one of my friends. It gives you … ideas where you should go in different seasons.

Check it out 🙂


The post includes affiliate marketing.

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