Freedom or not?

Back from my holiday, I realized how many hours “freedom” I have daily. (For better understanding, read Start here and About Me). How many things I can do for which I usually don`t have enough time.


A first few days you enjoy that you don`t have to set up your alarm and you can sleep a little bit more. Great, isn`t it? Of course, it is. After long years, you can stay in a warm and soft bed.

Then you check your emails and hope someone responded to your job applications. No worries, it is still too early, only a few weeks have gone and you still have time. You have just started.  Hm… Well… We will see it…

During the day you go to the gym. Finally, you can hit the rock every day! Well done! And you do your shopping, cook, clean the house, study, read a book, watch a movie, call your friends, search on the web, wait your other half to come home and so many other things. Your day has just finished. Already? Wow…

This is wonderful for one or two weeks than the fear is crawling down to your stomach. Fear of not having an income, not having interviews, not having a job. I told you! This freedom is not so great anymore. I was getting more stressed and annoyed. Which is okay and normal, you just have to admit it. You are out of your control zone and you are in a totally different situation than you used to be and it is scary! I am with you!



Yep, I was in that stage. After a few weeks, I started to worry about my future and my financial situation and started to think. What I really want? How can I use my time apart from just enjoy my day? I made a list of my interesting. What benefit my future and it is my hobby at the same time?

I was working on it for a few days and I felt really satisfied at the end.

freedom or not

I didn`t want to waste my time. I knew exactly that I can`t do anything about getting a job apart from applying, but otherwise, this thing was out of my hand. Oh, boy! The worst feeling ever! So I started to work on something that I could control. I scheduled my days weekly and set a timeframe for each task.

Finally, I saw the path what I have to follow and I felt the happiness to know that it will help reach my goals.

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