Time management

Either you have plenty of time or not at all, I believe it is important to have a schedule. It helps me to keep my things on track and see the progress. I am always happy to find new ideas to organize my duties, check my favourites.

  1. If you don`t want to spend hours to draw and colouring and want a cheap solution, the easiest to use Word/Excel.

You can add an extra column and set a timeframe for each task.

You can use different colours to highlight each task.

  1. Post-it: use 7 different colours for each day, write down your daily tasks and cross it over once you completed it.


  1. If you don`t want to specify each day`s task, you can categorized only.

Categories can be study, workout, meeting (social life), household, myself time etc.

  1. Prioritize: make a list which you have to and want to do a week.

  1. Buy a diary which has spaces for different tracking.

I really like these from Amazon: 1,  2, 3.

(Links contains affiliate marketing).

I used to plan my days fully but my advice to leave empty space for some unexpected events. You can`t keep a tight timing and almost always have extra staff to do which was not on the list. Or you find something more enjoyable and want to spend more time to do it.

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